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What were the youtube videos of it looks like zuffa removed them
I feel like a band wagoner!

I feel like a bandwagoner but the first time I saw Anderson Silva fight(Leben vs. Silva), I said "this is a guy that is going to be one to watch". 100% effective striking, no damage to himself but heaps of damage to his opponent. Pure assault on Leben's iron chin then he walks thru Rich Franklin like he's teaching a beginner's seminar in Muay Thai. Dude barely broke a sweat. Meanwhile he breaks Franklin's ribs and nose and demoralizes the man in 3 mins. The UFC better start to put the REAL world class fighters in because it just got lopsided in the Mid Weight division.

Favorite Fighters:
Anderson Silva
Rich Franklin
Nick Diaz
Wandi Silva
Brandon Vera
Did silva really break franklins ribs? Those knees did look pretty hard and he has to get nose surgery now but havent heard anything about his ribs. Silva is a beast in stand up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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