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White says Silva will be cut if he repeats UFC 112 performance

Anderson Silva's got his next opponent. UFC president Dana White announced on ESPN's "Rome is Burning" that Silva will defend his UFC middleweight title this summer against Chael Sonnen. White dropped a real bombshell when he said Silva could fired or cut from the promotion if he doesn't give his all in his fight with Sonnen.

Silva has been a punching bag for mixed martial arts fans since his bizarre win over Demain Maia on Saturday at UFC 112. Silva mocked, danced and chided Maia over the course of an excruciating five-round decision. That prompted White to walk away from the Octagon following the fourth round and toss Silva's UFC middleweight title belt at Silva's manager, Ed Soares, saying, "you give him the belt!" Yahoo! Sports MMA writer Kevin Iole said Silva made a mockery of the sport.

During the conversation with Rome, White said repeatedly that Silva may have had a mental breakdown in the fight. It's the only way he can explain what Silva did in the cage. That's all fine and dandy but White also said he was embarrassed, would make sure it doesn't happen again. He also said he wanted to make it up to the fans.

White told Rome that Silva will be cut from the promotion if he fights with the same style (2:30 mark).

"There's nothing that I can really do to him financially. He's contracted to get paid and he gets paid. It's one of those unfortunate things that happens," then White got animated and started pointing at the camera (3:20 mark).

"If this ever acts like that again in the ring I will cut him. I don't care if he's the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. I don't care if he's the middleweight champion. I will cut him, absolutely."

How outrageous is White's statement? Could he and should he cut a guy like Silva? What if he successfully defends his title again? A win over Sonnen would make it 12-0 in the UFC.
Sonnen may not be able to beat Silva but he should push the pace and make for a helluva lead up to the fight. Since the middle of 2009, he's been burying Silva in interviews. Check out this prefight conversation before UFC 109 (1:50 mark).
Sonnen guaranteed a verbal beating before the fight. He also had some choice words for Soares as well.

Interesting this would happen, but at least DW is backing up what he said, and personally I am all for it.
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