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My name is Duncan and I recently became interested in MMA.
I have been watching UFC religiously and then browse the internet for any good fights from the other brands.

I am interested in starting MMA, however. Currently I have
no experience in any sort of martial arts or training.

Current Build:
140 Pounds on a good day.

There is a BJJ Class that is in my Small town, which I will be enrolling in.
I have also just paid for 2 months gym subscription, just a normal workout gym.

My questions relating are:
Good ways to build on muscle, If I was to ever enter a professional fight, what Division should it be?
Is there a fast track way to increase muscle on just one arm
as my left arm is considerably weaker and I mean considerably (It's also shorter).
What should i be eating?
The whole shabangabang

I am very keen, an example is this message which was written on an Ipod touch which took a million years.
As experts I am relying on your ability to answer this question to the full.
I understand that you may have heard this many times, but I REALLY would appreciate it. I'm willing to listen and put it into action. Having no knowledge in Martial arts and whatnot also means that my ego is at rock bottom. haha.

Best Regards,

P.S- I'm 18.

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1. To start building muscle it depends on what your build already is, if you are not very strong I would HIGHLY suggest starting with the basics, start using your very own body i.e. Push ups for your upper body, plank for your core, and squats for your legs, also try to do some curls to work out your forearms... basically if your not in shape than do this. Depending on your physique you may want to add somewhere around 30-50lbs of resistance while you do those exercises to be more efficient. Doing around x200 of each a day could work out pretty well.

Other options would be sandbag training, depending what you are doing its a good workout and conditioning... depending on what ones you choose(and if heavier amount) do 5 sets, of 5 exercises and 5-6 reps of each with 30 second breaks in between each set, shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes. With a sandbag you can also do deadlifts, snatch's etc(if you don't know a particular one look it up)

Just general conditioning and work outs are a must to be able to stay in shape.


The other half of this is the DIET, a DIET is a MUST! Here are some groups that you should follow, I wont list out exact foods but it isn't that hard to figure out if you ever did a sport that require strength. Also this changes if you plan to gain weight(bulk) or cut weight(loose)

Things to Take in(eat)
*Foods high in protein i.e. Eggs, LEAN meats(chicken)
*Red lean meats - pork etc
*Veggies(NOT with crap on them ie fatty sauce) these are good steamed espically carrots and green beans
*Whole grains and wheat, oatmeal, cream of wheat etc
*Carbs (if your cutting avoid these)
*Sometimes high calorie foods
*General healthy stuff

*Creatine(not too much as you get watery) helps add a few pounds here or there. Dont worry its naturally produced in your body, you just dont use it

*Vitamins - one a days' coture stuff etc, you don't get all the zincs as stuff you usually need to become strong a day so having 1-2 of these sorta things would be a good deal

Things to avoid
*ANY sort of fats
*Sugars, salts
*Processed/fast food/frozen/pre-packaged
*If its unhealthy=Avoid it, plain and simple

Example of a days diet(mine from awhile back)

x2 cooked eggs(not greasy, grade A)
x1 Slice of whole grain toast with a side of natural jam(DO NOT get the fatty sugary crap)
x1 Fresh banana
x1 Small cup of skim cottage cheese
A spoon of peanut butter

2x Peanut Butter Protein diet bars
x1 Protein shake
x1 Whole grain bread with a slice of lean pork and lettuce
x1 egg

x1 Slice of lean chicken with lemon sauce and spices
Brown rice with a little veggie dressing(-20 calories, 0 fat/badness)
Veggie salad with peas' lettuce, carrots, radish
x1 Cup of Milk

2. To fix the imbalance(quite a few people deal with this) spend a little time re-building but remember to let it rest as well.

3. Best advice you be STICK with it, I love what I do and its really a change of life. Do NOT get down because people are farther than you in skill level, use that to keep yourself positive and you can go far if you believe in yourself, we all start somewhere.

Best of luck to you man! Let me know how it goes, if you want to get into MMA than taking some sort of striking(such as Boxing, Muy Thai, tang soo do etc) would be a good idea and possibly if you can wrestling. Again best of luck and if you need ANYTHING at all, do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than willing to help :thumb02:

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Thankyou so much for your advice.
In regards to the General conditioning, i've obtained a copy
of Rippetoes Starting strength book and will use that as I've seen it mentioned in peoples posts as a good guide.

With the nutritional side of things i've been pretty slack actually:
Lunch may be a bit difficult as I still go to school, however dinner and breakfast will be fine.
I tend to eat a few meals a day, what's your opinion on snacking and what to eat for snacks. I've seen that celery is good.

Next year when I move to the big city i'll be able to do Muay Thai and all that jazz, in my town there are no practitioners of anything other than bjj.. but hey it's better than nothing.

Hadnt thought of vitamins so i'll go grab some packets of those.

One last thing,
Running and Jump roping are good for cardio yeah? So just do those on off days? Opinion please :)


P.S- Thanks for your advice it is very much appreciated.
And if anyone else wants to add some of their own advice/opinions feel free :)
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