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Nope I won like 40 some million on my hail mary Edgar bet and another like 7 on Melendez. I did on the other hand lose a million on Hendo and another on Mousasi but you can't win them all.
I should have known you would have bet on Edgar. I honestly didn't even consider it, I had BJ as my "safe bet" to cover my other crazier bets like Aoki. :D

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i got wrecked by being banned and not being able to bet on King Mo and Gilbert who i both predicted would win in many threads.

i won some real $ tho ;)

but i had a big parlay with Mo/Gil/Hendo......

ive doubted Shields more then SF has and ive paid for it a couple times.

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I was about to bet the house on B.J. but I couldn't log on.... I was stuck at work....

Dodged that bullet..
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I actually got boned pretty hard by Penn's loss, and Silva's spread was shitty so I didn't make much profit. But with Strikeforce, I put most of it on Shields, I was lucky enough to see through the hype, though I got really scared when he got rocked! Overhyped, overrated Mousasi cost me pretty big though. All in all, Shields being an underdog saved me this time around and I ended up in the positive.

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Well my vbookie points are gone. I got completely wrecked by 112. Bj let me down, I forgot to bet on Anderson, which left me with 300k creds.

Then SF Nasheville happened. Guess who I went big on? Yup, the "safe" bets. All in, split between Hendo and Mousasi.

Had over 1 000 000 creds and now I have 2000. Time to start working my way back up!

So ya, just curious, anyone else get pwned by the last two events?
You've gained 600,000 points through bets since 4-20-10?
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