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In warm night in Sao Paulo happened Arena Brazil II, organized by FEPLAM. Many excellent striking and fighting for those who appeared in Baby Gym Barioni. In addition to big fights and Boxing MuayThai Amateur, the event has great MMA fights. Were a total of 8 boxing, 6 MMA fights and 10 fights of MuayThai Amateur, before of course, the 4 main fights of professional MuayThai. In the main card, the presence of world-class athletes as Gilmar China and Vitor Miranda, and the presence of revelations of MuayThai in Brazil. The struggles that took the breath of those who attended, took place as follows:

First fight: Thiago Michel (Ely Team Kick Boxing / MG) x Cleber Argent (Team Thai Boxing / Kick Boxing-PR) - 78kg

Fighting broke even, with the two athletes are studying hard and going off to the striking end of the first round. In the second round, after trapping his opponent on the ropes, Thiago hit a knee in full in the face of Cleber was the canvas. Cleber up and recovered, but could not find the fight that was dominated by Thiago until the end. Result: Thiago Michel wins by unanimous decision.

Second fight: Gilmar China Sales (Combat Sport / Gracie Butantã) x Julian Wognski Vulture (Team Thainaja-PR) - 67kg

Gilmar China fight back in Brazil after great victory this year in an event of Fairtex USA. China, considered one of the best fighters of Brazil in the 70 kg category, has proved a firm favorite against disclosure Juliano Vulture, which had won a few months Julinho Borges, another major category name. In the first round, China imposed a knee to the stomach that Juliano felt the blow, forcing the referee to open count. Juliano Vulture regained his breath and tried to break up, but China was better and after an excellent sequence of strokes, finished with a knee to the face of vulture that fell completely knocked out. Result: Victory Gilmar China, which made the audience vibrate with a spectacular knockout.

Third fight: Ravy Brunow (Gibi Thai) x Maycon Oller (MuayThai Brazil-MMA) - 71KG

One of the most balanced fighting at night. Ravy Maycon and exchanged blows with no great effectiveness during the first two rounds. In the third and final round, Ravy Maycon and returned wanting to set the fight without waiting for the decision of the arbitrators and left for a free striking. Were 3 minutes of intense striking that raised the public. Result: Ravy Brunow wins by split decision after taking advantage of the light striking the last round.

Last fight: Thiago de Jesus Beowulf (Combat Sport / Gracie Butantã) x Vitor Miranda (M-13 Thai-SC) - ABSOLUTE

In the most anticipated fight of the night, the Brazilian star in K-1, Vitor Miranda finally faces the revelation of the heavyweights in Brazil, Thiago Beowulf. A thrilling battle, with striking intense from beginning to end, where Thiago Beowulf showed why he was considered one of the best athletes heavyweights in the country. Thiago was all over Vitor applying excellent sequences, most ending with knees at the time of the stomach. Vitor Miranda reacted with good shots, but failing to be as effective as Beowulf. After hitting good shots on Vitor, Thiago felt increasingly comfortable in the fight dominating the second. In the last and decisive round, Thiago once again managed to be more effective blocking game Vitor Miranda and implement good sequences of moves, alternating between Crusaders and uppers which often reached the face of Vitor. Result: Thiago Beowulf, against all expectations, wins by split decision, recognized the end by Vitor Miranda.

Source: http://www.portaldelutas.com
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