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It was announced today that SRC will hold an Asia Bantamweight tournament this year starting from July. World-class fighters, unknown fighters, and anyone in between will be able to participate as everyone meeting a set of requirements can participate by applying (same as The Outsider), it’s a so-called open tournament.

Some details below:

* Fighters will be given the same fightmoney for tournament fights, no injustice
* Chance to fight in a big organization

* Winner will take home 3 million yen (~32 300 USD)
* First round tournament fight money is 100 000 yen for everyone (~1 100 USD)

* Tournament weight limit is 61.2kg and under
* Fighter must hold nationality in an Asian country or been a resident for 10 years or longer
* Fighter must hold a pro license in SRC or a foreign MMA organization
* Fighter must be a ranked fighter in a Japanese MMA org or had 5 or more pro fights with more wins than losses
* Fighter must be 35 years old or less (starting from june 30th)
* Must go through SRC medical before appointed date

* They will take applications from May 10th to June 5th, fax to SRC executive committee
* Most likely a 16-man tournament

* Tournament 1st round: July 4th at Differ Ariake “SRC ASIA vol.1″
* Tournament later rounds: SRC14 and SRC15
* There will be an open to the public lottery to decide fight order and who fights who

Sounds awesome, can't wait

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This could be lots, and lots of fun. I hope we get some big names in this. I would love to see Imanari, Katsumura, Sitenkov, and Ueda in this.
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