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Easye1982 said:
My work out routine is a hybrid of what my brother (army medic), body building forums, and self aught lessons from books and other trainers all have taught me. But to make a long story short I like to swim after I finsh my 1-2hrs of lifting, which follows a 30min run. I like Run first and try to keep the elevated heat rate up though out my lifting. As much as possable of course. Anyway I like to swim after all that am both a relaxing thing to do, as well as it aids in stretching. I swim timed laps, for about 30 more mins. I try to go to the gym no less then 3 times a week and no more then 6.

Long story short, is there anything wrong with swiming after all that, or should I only stretch??
that sounds pretty good but 2 hors of lifting? that seems like too much...the body its at its best for 45 min....after that ur not developing too much and could injure urself...u might want to cut ur lifting routine a bit....u dont need that much (unless ur a bodybuilder) for strength training....

but about the swiming after working out...that sounds good...
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