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- August 16, 2006

Earlier this afternoon, the former King of Pancrase and UFC Heavyweight champion Bas Rutten, who made his return to fighting on July 22 at the WFA’s show in Los Angeles, called InsideFighting to give his fans an update on his injuries.

Last week, Bas Rutten told InsideFighting that he was waiting to get an MRI on his left knee, which he said felt badly injured after training for his July fight and re-aggravating it during the fight and conducting seminars in the weeks after. At the time Rutten was pessimistic because of the amount of pain and said that he would definitely need surgery.

Today, however, Rutten was decidedly more upbeat over the phone as he gave some of the details of his MRI results and his doctor’s opinions.

“I’m not going to need surgery right now” said a pleasantly surprised Rutten.

“The doctor is going to be giving me some injections and I have to take anti-inflammatory pills and take it easy, but he said that I won’t need surgery right now.”

Relieved, Rutten also said that his knee will not prevent him from training his IFL team when they all come down at the end of the month to his gym for a final two weeks of preparation before a September IFL event.

“I’ll just have a knee brace on, and I’ll be wearing special shoes to take the pressure off of my knee, but I’ll be able to do the training with them” said Rutten.

Although Rutten said that he will still have to undergo surgery at some point in the future, the MRI results showed nothing that will require immediate surgery.

“I have a bunch of partial tears in the knee. There is a tear in the meniscus and I have some arthritis. The doctor said ‘I don’t know about 6 months from now, because of the way you train, but you will be fine for now’” laughed Rutten.

The MRI results are a welcome stay for the 42 year old former champion, who after winning his comeback fight convincingly, still holds out hope that he can continue fighting.

“Right now, we will just have to wait and see how this goes. I feel good now, and it will just be taking things one step at a time” said Rutten.


Nice to hear it....somehow we all could have expected that....he had some serious problems with his injuries in the past and not to mention, he's not 25 anymore.

Any fight he does is a great chance for us to see a legend in the cage again, so I wish him luck.

War Bas!

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i love Bas
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