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Has anybody ever seen the episode of PRIDE fights on FSN where Bas is talking to the camera with Jay Glazer or maybe he's talking TO Jay Glazer but they start laughing and Bas mumbles something with the word F*ck in it? He says it loud enough to hear but I can't remember what the whole thing he said was. They reran this episode only a few times compared to the huge amount of reruns of all the other episodes but whenever they do rerun it, they don't censor it at all. I got DVR and the first time I watched it I rewinded it over and over and over and over again to make sure he said what he said. And it's funny because both Bas and Jay have like this little awkward nervous laugh after he says it. I was just wondering if anybody else noticed this? It's kind of an old episode but something just reminded me of it so I had to ask.
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