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Warren takes this one via Unanimous Decision.

Play by play spoilers:

Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Joe Warren - Round 1- Quick takedown to side control by Warren. Joe stands up for a positional adjustment and Karakhanyanuses it to roll into a kneebar and then a heel hook. That looks deep, but Warren fights out of it. Warren almost getting armbarred now and he escapes again. Warren sliding to half guard now. Warren doing a little damage from the top now. Karakhanyan continuing to look for submissions off the bottom as he stays calm. Warren avoids a triangle attempt and keeps working the body. Karakhanyan scrambles to standing, lands a leg kick and gets taken back down. Warren stands over him and takes an upkick. The round ends and it was 10-9 Warren on takedowns and some ground and pound but he never had Karakhanyan in any sort of trouble. Round 2 - Karakhanyan looks for the takedown early. Karakhanyan with a DEEP guillotine and Warren manages to shake loose. Huge throw from Warren and he has Karakhanyan's back. Karakhanyan spins looking for a leg and misses it. Karakhanyan with a deep armbar now, Warren grimmaces and somehow manages to escape. Warren throws some illegal knees to the spine of Karakhanyan. Warren throwing knees to the thigh and body of Karakhanyan. The round ends with Warren throwing a few punches but I think Karakhanyan should get the nod on the cards with two very close to finished subs. I've got it even going into the third. Round 3 - Karakhanyan tries to punch and Warren with a slam. Back to standing, Karakhanyan lands a big knee and Warren takes him back down. Warren is bleeding from the knee. He's landing punches and Karakhanyan stands up. Warren with another takedown and he's back to throwing knees to the leg. Warren drops and Karakhanyan grabs another VERY TIGHT guillotine. Warren manages to escape yet again. That was a very deep choke. Karakhanyan finishes the round with a few solid clean punches, a kick and a knee. I know it's not the way the fight will actually get scored but Karakhanyan was the only one that did damage or came close to finishing that round so I gave him the fight 29-28, but fully expect three 30-27 cards for Warren. Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board all for Joe Warren. Takedowns are so much more important than damage or deep submission attempts on the cards that it just isn't funny.
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