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Yeah, we were right, she won by 3rd round TKO, the first round was particularly awesome:

Round 1 - Left hand from Schneider lands but not hard. Now Fujii with the takedown. Body triangle from Schneider from the bottom. Fujii picks her up and slams her back down and the ref stands them up. Flurry of punches from Fujii and then Sarah tries a spinning backfist and Fujii dives under for the takedown. Now to mount. Schneider manages to survive back into guard. Schneider back to the body triangle and Fujii beats her up a little to get it released. The round ends and it was a pretty clear 10-9 Fujii round.

Round 2- Schneider tries to take the back and get a choke in but Fujii ends up on top in her guard. Big punches from Fujii and she keeps working. Ref stands them up, and they go right back to the ground. Fujii spending the entire round on top doing a little damage and getting yelled at by the ref for not working enough. 10-9 Fujii.

Round 3- Schneider throws some punches early but nothing much comes of it. Takedown from Fujii. Fujii in side control and now full mount. The ref tells her to work pretty much the second she gets mount. Fujii wins by TKO after unloading punch after punch with Schneider unable to escape. Megumi Fujii wins by TKO (punches), round 3.
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