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Askren dominates with badass wrestling for a UD:

Round 1 - Hornbuckle refuses to touch gloves. They open up with Hornbuckle landing a few punches and avoiding the single leg briefly before getting tripped down by Askren. Hornbuckle almost escapes but Askren gets him back down. Hornbuckle looks for an armbar but can't get it and now Askren lands some punches and big knees to the body and legs of Hornbuckle. Back to guard. Big ground and pound from Askren now. Hornbuckle looks for an armbar but gives up side control. Trying to stand up but Askren forces him back down and keeps throwing the knees. Now Askren takes the back. Hornbuckle tries to explode to standing and Askren drags him back down. Askren into full mount now. Hornbuckle has good wrist control so far and hes' avoiding much damage. Now Hornbuckle escapes to standing and for some reason doesn't make Askren stand up and gets taken back down. The round ends and it was a clear 10-9 Askren round.

Round 2 - Hornbuckle lands a nice punch early but gets quickly taken down. Askren moves right to mount, he is dominating Hornbuckle. Big punches again from mount. Hornbuckle reverses and is on top now but Askren reverses and has the back. Askren working over the body now and Hornbuckle stands up. Another takedown from Askren. Upkick from Hornbuckle. And another, both of those landed. Hornbuckle almost has a triangle but Askren escapes. Askren just is all over him. The round ends and again it was 10-9 Askren. Hornbuckle is going to need to stop him in the final round.

Round 3 - Quick double leg by Askren. Big punches from the top now. Hornbuckle looking for a kimura sweep and he has it. Now he's looking to finish it from the top but can't finish it. Hornbuckle looking for the back now but Askren escapes and is back on top. Now Askren has the back. Askren is a little over a minute from winning the welterweight tourney. The round ends and there's no way Askren lost a single round of the fight. Ben Askren wins by unanimous decision.
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