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Konrad by UD:

Round 1

Orr comes out throuwing a few punches and lands a nice outside leg kick. I guess Konrad didn't like it, as he quickly takes Orr down to the mat. Konrad lands some hard lefts to Orr's mid section. Konrad tried for a kimura, but it didn't last very long. Orr gives up his back, Konrad goes for the RNC, but Orr is able to excape. Konrad is going for a reverse rear nakes choke, if that's what you want to call it. Konrad pins Orr up against the cage and lands some heavy leather to Orr's face. He goes for the kimura again, but he doesn't have it and the ref stands them up. Konrad goes for a shot, but Orr is able to defend against it. Orr lands a nice, stiff jab to Konrad's face. Konrad answers with an inside leg kick and Orr answers with a right. Konrad lands a front kick that pushes Orr down as the round ends.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Konrad. Konrad dominated the fight on the ground. Orr had his moments standing, but they were too few to consider giving him the round.

Round 2

Konrad clinches and lands a couple of nice knees to Orr's face. Orr goes for a body kick, but Konrad catches it and takes Orr down. Orr gives up his back somehow gets back up, but not for long as Konrad takes him back down and is in half guard. Not much action on the ground. Just as I type that Konrad gets the mount, but isn't doing anything with it. Orr is able to escape and they're back standing. Konrad lands a few good punches. They both look like they're slowing down a bit, but Orr seems the fresher of the two.

Jason's Score - 10-9 Konrad. See round one scoring details.

Round 3

Orr opens the round landing a few strong punches and taking a shot to the "cash and prizes". Orr goes for a body kick (why?) and Konrad gets the takedown. Konrad is working from the side mount and landing some good knees to the body. And more knees...and more knees...Orr is doing a very good job defending against Konrad's punches and the ref stands then up. Some more good punches land for Orr. Konrad goes for a body kick but gets mostly air. Orr goes for yet another body kick (I thought he'd learn by now) and Konrad takes him down. Once again, Konrad is working from the side mount, and quickly gets the mount. Konrad tries to land some punches, but they don't have much behind them. Konrad is going for some sort of choke as the round ends

Jason's Score - 10-9 Konrad. Orr landed the better strikes on the feet (again) but Konrad completely dominated the ground game (again)

Judge's Scores - 30-27 X 3 for Konrad. Cole Konrad wins via unanimous decision.
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