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Interesting fight, can't believe Warren came back after that first round. Guess it's a good night to be the underdog. He won by Split Decision:

Round 1 - Warren with a soft jab that misses and Pitbull lands a nice right. They're clinched up and trading knees, which isn't a winning prospect for Warren. Right, left combo lands for Pitbull and now he's the one to get the takedown. Warren on his back with butterfly guard. Warren tries to wall walk and Pitbull sucks his begs back in. Elbows from Pitbull and some big punches. Warren is able to explode back to his feet and he eats a big punch that wobbles him. Warren hunting for big punches but he isn't landing and Pitbull is landing nice short hooks. Spinning back fist from Warren misses and Pitbull drills him with three punches. Pitbull tosses Warren off as he goes for a takedown and then lands a right hand. Left hook from Pitbull. Pitbull catches a Warren punch and locks in a standing arm triangle but can't finish it. Pitbull with another big punch and Warren with a knee to the body. Three solid punches for Warren are the best Things he has done this fight. Pitbull catches Warren with a flurry and drops him. Pitbull follows him down and mounts him. Now he has the back and he is drilling Warren. The ref won't stop the fight as there are only ten seconds left and the bell saves Warren. 10-8 Pitbull round. Warren is way out of his league.

Round 2 - Somehow they're letting this keep going so here we go with round 2. Warren tries for the takedown but can't get it and he eats a nice punch. Pitbull has his back standing and tries for the takedown but Warren pops up. Now Warren is able to duck down and get a double leg. Let's see what he can do from the top. Pitbull controlling his wrists and avoiding damage so far. Pitbull throws a leg up for a triangle but can't get it. Finally an elbow gets through for Joe. Warren trying to land and not having a ton of success but he will probably win the round on the judges cards on the strength of "being on top." 10-9 Pitbull (on the strength of actually getting stuff done) makes it 20-17 Pitbull heading into the third.

Round 3 - Pitbull drills him with some good shots early. Warren shoots and can't get it and eats another punch. Now Warren manages to get the takedown. Warren landing some punches from the top now. Pitbull has his feet on Warren's hips. Warren landing a few better shots from the top now. Pitbull tries to grab an arm but Warren avoids. Warren landing some right hands now. Pitbull manages to stand up with a little over a minute. Warren with another takedown and that will likely win him the fight. Pitbull gets back up, lands a few punches and Warren gets the takedown. 10-9 round for Warren makes it 29-27 on my card.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 Warren, 29-28 Pitbull, 29-28 Warren. Joe Warren wins by split decision.
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