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Gassaway by UD:

Round 1 – Stiff jab starts thing off for Gassaway. Knabijian shots a single and sits his opponent down for the takedown. Gassaway pulls full guard against the cage. He goes for an armbar, but Knabijian passes to half guard and then side control. He lands hammer fists from the side control position while keeping Gassaway on his back with the navy ride. Gassaway tries to scramble and gets his half guard back. He moves to full guard. Knabjian postures up and lands a series of hard right hammer fists that do damage to Gassaway. Knabjian passes to half guard and then side control, but after a pair of punches, Gassaway reverses the position and ends up in side control. After a moment he moves the mount. He then takes the back and starts to land some hard right hands of his own. At the 43 second mark his sinks his arm under the chin and starts the work for the rear-nake choke. Knabjian gets his back on the canvas to avoid the choke. From the mount, Gassaway starts raining down heavy strikes.
ProMMANow Score 10-9 Knabjian

Round 2 – Knabjian tries two over hand rights that do not land. After missing a combination, he lands a hard right. He comes forward against and lands another right cross. Knabjian shoots a single leg and then makes it a double leg and finishes the takedown. Like in the first round, he starts raining down heavy hammer fists from the full guard. Gassaway blocks most of them. Knabjian lands a sneaky left from the top. He then goes back to throwing wild shots that are mostly blocked. With 50 seconds left in the round, the referee stands up the fighters. Gassaway lands a hard cross that back up his opponent. He comes forward with a body shot. Knabjian gets the clinch, but when he tries to take him down he ends up in an armbar. He is safe as the bell sounds to end the round.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Knabjian

Round 3 – Both fighters hit nothing but air to start the round. Knabjian eats a jab from Gassaway. Gassaway then comes forward with a one-two that lands. A stiff jab also lands. Now a right hook. Knabjian is clearly tired and goes for a takedown that is stuffed. He lands a knee on the break. Gassaway follows a one-two with a head kick that lands. Knabjian seems to be ok and he works into a clinch. He presses Gassaway into the cage with a double leg attempt. He makes it a high crotch but Gassaway defends and Knabjian withdraws. Gassaway is starting to take over with his strikes, but he is also extremely tired. He lands several right hands, but they do not have much power. A lead left comes down the pipe. Another shot from Knabjian is stuffed. A hard body shot and follow-up hook lands for Gassaway. Knabjian comes back and lands his first punch in a while. Both fighters throw a few punches in the last ten seconds, but nothing lands clean.
ProMMANow score 10-9 Gassaway

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Gassaway defeats Kevin Knabjian Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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