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Took it to the judges but a wins a win, Hornbuckle by UD thanks to the last two rounds:

Round 1 – Big takedown by Hornbuckle. Blackburn holding onto a guillotine but lets it go. Hornbuckle inside the full guard. Blackburn gets up and drops Hornbuckle with a big right, then dives on Blackburn with a follow up shot. Now Blackburn on top in Hornbuckle’s guard. Hornbuckle appears okay, and gets to his feet. Nice right from Blackburn. Another right from Blackburn. Body kick from Hornbuckle, then a right hand. Nice leg kick from Hornbuckle. Body punch from Blackburn, followed by several punches. Body kick from Hornbuckle. Leg kick from Blackburn, then a front kick. Head kick from Hornbuckle, it’s blocked. Then a body kick. Left hab from Hornbuckle. Leg kick from Hornbuckle but he eats a counter right that knocks him back. Clinched against the cage, exchanging knees. (Jack 10-9 for Blackburn) (Richard 10-9 Blackburn)

Round 2 – Body kick from Hornbuckle is blocked. Right hook, then a leg kick from Blackburn. Leg kick from Blackburn. Nice solid right from Hornbuckle scores. Big inside leg kick from Blackburn. Nice left from Hornbuckly and Blackburn fires back. Inside leg kick from Blackburn. Then one to the outside. Hornbuckle jumps up to throw a jumping roundhouse but gets dropped with a front kick to the groin. Leg kick from Blackburn, followed by a head kick from Hornbuckle that is mostly blocked. Nice left from Blackburn. Hornbuckle’s defense and counter shots look a lot better in this round. Nice left then a right hook from Hornbuckle, he then knocks Blackburn down with a front kick. (Jack 10-9 Hornbuckle) (Richard 10-9 Hornbuckle)

Round 3 – Monica Ortega is the ring girl. Body shot by Blackburn. One two punch from Hornbuckle, then a right jab scores. Blackburn with a nice right, again. Body kick from Hornbuckle. Nice right from Blackburn. Nice exchanges from both guys and each one landing some decent shots. Nice right from Blackburn. Two minutes left. Hornbuckle with a couple nice punches, being more aggressive, lands a big leg kick. Right hook from Blackburn. Again. Straight left from Hornbuckle. Blackburn shoots, gets stuffed. Thirty seconds left and Hornbuckle landing some solid punches and a couple of knees. Hornbuckle got that round pretty easily by being more aggressive, especially turning it on at the end. He made a necessary adjustment after round one and did what he needed to do to get the job done. (Jack 10-9 for the round 29-28 for the fight) (Richard 10-9 for the round 29-28 for the fight)

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dan Hornbuckle def. Brad Blackburn by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
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