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In this video you'll find many details of how to finish the North South choke along with how to combine the very effective Brabo choke when your opponent makes it difficult for you to finish the NS choke.

The North South Choke:

  • Many times you'll set up the NS choke from a side control position.
  • When you bring your arm around your opponent's head from the outside curl your forearm up and your thumb around their neck.
  • Make sure you walk your shoulders and body back bringing it completely flat to the ground. You want to make it like your body is sinking into the ground.
  • Your hips or body shouldn't be turned. They should be flat on the ground.
  • Cinch your elbows when finishing.
  • Have your head down.

Finishing the North South Choke When Your Opponent Turns Their Face Into You A Lot

This video will show you how you can still work to finish the North South choke when your opponent is able to turn their face into you.


North South Choke to Brabo Choke

This video you'll see details on how to combine the Brabo Choke with the North South Choke if for some reason your opponent makes it hard for you to complete the NS choke.

  • Fort this combination make sure you actually go for the north south choke.
  • One of the main ways your opponent will defend the NS choke is by turning their head into you. If they can do this on time it will relieve a lot of pressure.
  • When they do this make sure you keep good control of their head because it'll still be very hard for them to escape the position.
  • Because the better way for them to relieve the pressure of being choked is to turn into you it'll make it a much higher percentage scenario that they will attempt to escape by continuing to turn into you.
  • Make sure you keep your head out of the way so they don't try to press their forearm under your throat (this actually isn't as common as many would think from this situation as many would think, I have found). However, it's good to be aware of.
  • You want to provoke them so they try to turn into you while shooting their arm under your body. Many times they don't think about a Brabo choke because of the way your body was positioned when you were going for the NS choke.
  • When they turn into you and shoot their arm, lift your head/chest up and raise your arm. This should help them shoot their arm under your body and not over your head or across your face.
  • When they react the way you expected, you'll then go for the Brabo choke.
  • When going for the Brabo choke, you should have your shoulder dropped low into them of the arm that is under their neck

People use different variations of completing the Brabo:

  • Some like to finish it sprawling out (I find this crushes the neck more)
  • Some like to switch their hips into them (may choke, may crush, may be a mix).
  • Some like to switch their hips into them, walk their body in to them, and hook their like over their opponent's body (may choke, may crush, may be a mix.

Older Video - Here is an older video I posted of the North South Choke about 3 years ago. Still one of my favorite chokes

North South Choke with No Arm In


North South Choke With an Arm In


Thanks for watching,
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