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Anderson Silva (10-0)
Jon Fitch (12-1)
Georges St Pierre (14-2)
Lyoto Machida (8-0)
Gray Maynard (7-0-0-1)
Rashad Evans (9-1-1)
BJ Penn (11-3-1)
Kenny Florian (11-3)
Yushin Okami (8-2)
Matt Hughes (16-5)
Josh Koscheck (12-4)
Rich Franklin (12-4)
Chuck Lidell (16-6)
Diego Sanchez (10-3)

Who i'm missing here?

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Chuck Liddell 16-6 when you consider he has fought top guys most of his career.

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No Randy???
Randy "the joke" Couture (please god big nog has had his turn now let Rampage KTFO of him at LHW to serve the final amen of justice his career) and his impressive 2:1 ratio, are you kidding me, if you bring Couture into the picture then you have to include near ever current UFC fighter.

If you add Couture remember to add Bisping since his win ratio is better.

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BJ is 11-4-1 in the UFC

other notables that haven't been mentioned:
Frankie Edgar: 6-1
Yushin Okami: 8-2
Rich Franklin: 12-4
Tito Ortiz: 14-7-1
Frank Mir: 11-5
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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