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Bibiano Fernandes is one the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters to ever compete. He was raised in the deep Amazonian jungle Manaus, Brasil. In this DVD instructional, Bibiano reveals his championship techniques to the public. There are 53 techniques of his winning style.

The first set of techniques is his takedowns. Here you will learn his unique perspective on the takedowns.

The second set of techniques is his sweeps. Here you have over 14 techniques explaining his take on the style of De La Riva.

The third and most important set of techniques is his submissions. With over 23 submissions, Bibiano explains why he is a a mutliple world champion.

The last set is his passing the guard. Here you will see the dominant style used from Manaus, and that has changed the face of BJJ. Bibiano shows over 13 techniques in this unusual grad passing style.

In total, no other company can give you the bargains and quality for BJJ and Grappling lovers.

Languages: English
Release date: April 2007


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im a really big fan of "flash" thx 4 vids!!

still kinda bitter i missed him in the FFL by one pick :(
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