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Im personally a huge fan of Nog. I'd love to see him have 1/2 of his training camp where hes at and a few months at one of the big wrestling camps like ATT or Greg Jackson's. Hell, Pat Miletich's crew may even be a good idea for a few weeks or the H.I.T. Squad. But if you look at the whole Black House Camp, Nogs, Machida, Silva, none of these guys are known to have great takedowns. I think the best takedowns ive seen from nog are him dragging the other guy down and ending up on his back. The problem is these days people have so much footage of him to watch and know to stay way from him on the ground so they've been able to outstrike him. I think if Big Nog were to have, lets say, Couture's takedowns (I know, not the best in the weight class but betterh than his own), Lesnar and Carwin would be the only heavys that would beat him. Same thing goes for Maia. If Maia and Chael Sonnen could some how impregnate the same woman, that child would take down and submit Anderson Silva in the first round. As well as being a republican drug busting bad ass lol.
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