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BJ Penn has announced a new fan contest on his newest blog on the Yard Barker site.

It has probably been announced on bjpenn.com as well, but I was too excited when I entered to go to his site to look.

The winner gets a free trip to Hawaii and a lesson with BJ Penn himself.

All of the MMA fighters on the Yard are in a frenzy—well at least one is.

My good friend and fellow blogger on the yard, Clint Matthewson—who actually was the winner of BJ's last contest and got to see UFC 94 in person as well as being able to meet several UFC fighters and have his picture taken with them, won the karaoke contest on BJ Penn.com.

Clint fights MMA on a smaller scale, but would love to actually meet his idol and have the free lesson.

I don't blame him either. As he, or one of the other fans mentioned, thinks of how having it written on your resume, that you had actually trained with the Prodigy in his own gym in his own home state, would look.

Wouldn't that be a thrill?

So if anyone here on B/R is a big BJ Penn fan and would love to learn some of his secrets, check out either the Yard Barker or BJ's own site and enter. It is easy, or obviously I wouldn't have done it.

What? You are asking what I will do if I win?

Well, rather than trying to hold my breath and carry a rock beneath the beautiful blue Hawaiian water, I will ask if I can go a few rounds with his daughter.

She is still light enough for me to be able to hold her and give her a bottle, and rocking babies to sleep is my specialty.
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