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Hi guys. I figured I needed a badass avatar and sig, and if some of you PS wizards could make one for me what would be great.

I'm a fan of avys and sigs that match, and thats what I'm looking for.

Just the BJ half of the pic obviously. I fancy that pic would be great on the right side of the sig. Filling, I don't know, 1/3 of the space. This is also the pic for the avatar.

This pic should fill the bigger space of the two, on the left and middle.

Size: 420x200 and 144x168
Text: None

Other things:
I really like the dusty, western-ish vibe from the first picture. The downtoned colors are just the style I'm looking for. Nothing to flashy.

If any BJ fan or just photoshopper would give this a try that would be awesome. Every attempt will be repped.

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I'll play around later today man. I love that first picture.

Doing BJ Penn sigs is fun :D
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