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I know penn won the fight.. he completely dominated it too and i believe that he won by rear naked choke??! if penn went to pride and fought gomi or if they decided on giving gomi a rematch.. who would win?

i would give it to gomi because he is a better (better is an understatement) fighter now... BJ.. he's still good but he needs time to get back to his old self... your thoughts?!

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herton17 said:
If anything, BJ should go back down to 155 in UFC, and choke out Sean Sherk.

that would be cool, but yeah, i think a third final fight with Hughes is probably already set down the road with big money implications for Dana, so probably wont happen.

i could see him winning the 170 title, and Dana letting him drop down for the 155 title too maybe. that would be cool to see.
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