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Hey what's up everybody. I was surfing the net not too long ago and I stumbled upon these guys at thebjjlifestyle.com. The guys at this place have been amazing...I'd recommend checking them out---they even offer sweet deals for BJJ sponsorships! If you have any questions, just reply to this thread and i'll get back to you!


The BJJ LEGION Mission

Grab your GI's and belts and prepare for battle!

We all put blood, sweat, and tears into our Jiu Jitsu training and now we BAND TOGETHER in the BJJ LEGION, the exclusive underground group for people who share the passion of Jiu Jitsu. Only people who eat, breath, sleep Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are allowed to be in the LEGION.

The BJJ LEGION has goals in mind:

1. To band together practitioners who are looking to share their passion, network, and train together.

BJJ LEGION Members Enjoy:

* 15% off all products sold in the BJJLIFE online store
* Score 10% "StreetCred" points on all purchases for store credit!
* Become a sponsored Legion Member and get CASH for competing!*
* Top secret BJJ training videos and blogs
* Exclusive - LEGION Only - Badges, Awards and Media
* And more!

We hook up our LEGION members with some badass stuff just for supporting Jiu Jitsu and BJJ LEGION.
It's free to join and will lead to years of happiness and possibly even help you win the lottery!

Stop dilly-dallying and join the BJJ LEGION now!

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