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Bonnar vs Jardine

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Well, what do you guys think?
I like Bonnar as a fighter, but i think Jardine controlled that fight with the exception of the one almost knockout fom Bonnar.

Bonnar just seems sloppy in the ring, i guess all that matters is he gets the job done but still, he only won that fight cause hes a crowd favorite. :thumbsdown:


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Thank you! I totally agree with you. Jardine should have won the decision. I don't know what the deal with the judges is lately. It was a poor job on their part. That's the one thing about this sport, if you're not the favorite, don't go to a decision.
thank god i thought i was the only one that thought that Jardine should have won. He controlled bonnar for the first two rounds then i would say it was a tie the third round. wat the hell were the judges thinking anyway.
Yea, I think Jardine got royally screwed there.

Regardless, there was no way Bonnar won the fight unanimously, that's horse poo!

Thats not the only controversial decision UFC has made in the last two weeks though...:S
No ****. Just look at the Ortiz-Griffen fight. I can't say that Forrest should have won. As I've said before, I had it Ortiz 10-8 in the first, but i gave Forrest 10-9 the last two rounds. That would make it a draw anyway. I just can't give a round to a guy who tried repeatedly to take a guy down for two rounds and only succeeded once. And they say that the final take down is what won Tito the fight. you gotta be ****'n me. Even when he had him down Forrest capitalized more from the ground then Tito did from the top. And he wasn't even down, for what, maybe 30 seconds. And that's what won the fight. No. Being favored in someone else's eye's won him that fight.
Yeah, Jardine got screwed big time! What were those judges thinking?:dunno:
A friend of mine is adamant Bonnar got that decision because he should have got the decision his first fight against Griffin. I don't understand how Jardine didn't win. Fights like that make me think the rules of MMA scoring need to be made clearer to fans.
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