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From the Pankrationists of ancient Greece to the bareknuckle days prior to the institution of the "Marquis de Queensberry" rules boxing has shown itself to be an effective martial art which has been transformed from the old school style that included the use of elbows, knees, grappling holds while punching and groung fighting strategies to the art form seen today which emphasis is on power, technique, and skill...that is....minus the aformentioned "dirty stuff".

There are boxing manuals containing a couple hundered pages demonstrating varied counter punching drills and other information that's just not taught in the modern gyms of today.

Old school tricks of the sweet science can enable one to both effectively defend and aggressivley fight against a variety of fighting styles utilizing throws, brutal strike combinations from varied angles, feints to draw opponents leads to be countered or to create openings to be exploited. There are even nasty ways of punching to shoulders and the arms to take your opponents use of them away.

The simplicity, "self-proven" effectiveness and historical value of these largely unused techniques ("dirty" or "legal") have made me a believer and loyal student of this wonderful art I call 'Old School Shoot Boxing.'

They have helped me to protect myself in a number of real world situations, and during a time when the more "traditional" arts were popular. :D
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