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I just watched the Moosin event and honestly what was up with those graphics? Really low quality backgrounds, bad overlays and those stupid flames (sometimes animated at 8 frames per second or something)... maybe it is just me but I really think stuff like this matters quite a lot. Granted, the main event was a bit embarrassing and the commentators were all over the place (although quite funny at times) but some attention to detail and nicer packaging would have made the whole thing feel far less amateur.

Take Bellator as an example, they don't have the biggest names or anything but the production is super crisp and as the fights are usually quite entertaining that is all it takes. I would even say they got the best graphics and animations in the business. This helps a lot if you want to be taken as a serious promotion. Moosin looked like a cheaper version of King of the Cage... just can't believe someone gave that whole production the go-ahead.
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