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Alleged comments made by Ben Rothwell post UFC 104 false
by James Royale

It appears that the alleged comments made by Ben Rothwell regarding the stoppage of his bout against Cain Velasquez were indeed false. The comments were originally reported by Latest MMA News Now and were later reported here. We always try to our best to ensure our content is verified before publishing it. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Here's the original "story" from Latest MMA News Now:

Ben Rothwell complains about stoppage

IFL veteran ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell had some heated words for referee Steve Mazaghatti who oversaw his fight against Cain Velasques at UFC 104

“So what he was punching me, big deal, isn’t that what happens in a fight? The reality of the situation is that I was using the cage to get to my feet and which I basically did and then for some reason Steve [Mazzagatti] decides to step in. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. I mean if the punches had some force behind them I could understand it but those were like soft jabs that didn’t hurt at all, it was like he was just hitting me to stay busy rather than damage me. That’s is why I wasn’t covering up – the punches didn’t hurt and definitely weren’t doing any damage, at least not enough to slow me down, but then he [Steve Mazzagatti] calls the fight? Please, my grandmother hits harder that that. Maybe it looked bad to those at home and to those who have never trained but I had worked back into standing position and was ready to fire back some of my own, so how bad could the punches have really been? Come on, if you would have seen me the next day you’d have hardly thought I was in a fight – I woke up the next day with barely a scratch on my face. Look at some fights I have had in my career, I’ve been in plenty of worse positions and managed to turn the fight around and win.

You know Shogun wasn’t the only one robbed that night. So what If I lost the first round by a small margin, all that meant is there were still two rounds up for grabs, my shoulders were just loosening up at the beginning of the second round – the real fight was just getting started. Look, I don’t want to make this sound like I’m taking anything away from Cain, he’s a great fighter, probably one of the best in the heavy weight division at the moment. I just feel like I’ve been working my entire career to get this shot in the UFC, only to have it taken away from me by an incompetent referee. Losing is one thing but to have such a big opportunity taken from you? I’m disgusted.”
Rothwell then went on to adressed his fans and promised that a much more improved Ben Rothwell next time out:

“If you feel as ripped off as I do, let me apologize, but I also want all you people to know that next time I step in the cage no ref is going to steal anything from me and tell me what fight I didn’t win, I’m gonna take matters into my own hands and put some people to sleep, bank on it”

Shoddy stuff. Too many wannabe journalists on the Internet who have no clue what they're doing.

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Damn what a douche journalist, toying with someone's reputation like that. I always thought Rothwell seemed like an Ok guy until that "interview". Now we know why.
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