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Velasquez picking Mir over Carwin at UFC 111
March 24th, 2010, 4:02 pm · Post a Comment · posted by CARLOS ARIAS
Cain Velasquez will be a very interested observer sitting cageside for UFC 111 on Saturday at 7 p.m. at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., on pay-per-view.

Velasquez, a former two-time All-American wrestler at Arizona State, has made a rapid rise in the UFC's loaded heavyweight division, going 6-0 with five TKOs inside the octagon. He is coming off his most impressive performance, a first-round TKO over former UFC and Pride heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 110 on Feb. 20.

Frank Mir and Shane Carwin fight for the interim UFC heavyweight title at UFC 111. The winner will fight Brock Lesnar to unify the championship in the summer. But if the Mir-Carwin winner gets banged up and is unable to fight, Velasquez gets the first crack at Lesnar.

"I'm ready for whoever has the belt," Velasquez said.

So who does Velasquez think will win the Mir-Carwin fight?

"I think Mir always has a good game plan," Velasquez said. "I think Frank Mir has a better chance taking the fight where he wants to take it whether it's on the feet or on the ground. Shane Carwin has that real knockout power. He can end it anywhere he chooses. I give the edge to Frank Mir as far as experience. Anything can happen, but I give him a slight edge."

Another top heavyweight prospect is Team Blackhouse's Junior dos Santos, who is coming off a crushing first-round TKO over Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC on Versus 1 on Sunday.

"I definitely think he is the best boxer in MMA, the best heavyweight boxer in MMA," Velasquez said. "He's fast and powerful. He fights smart and he has a good camp, too. So, definitely, he's a good fighter."

Future boxing Hall of Famer James "Lights Out" Toney recently signed with the UFC and he plans to campaign at heavyweight.

"It's good to have somebody of his caliber of boxing come in," Velasquez said. "Then again, MMA isn't just one sport. You need to be at the top level at everything to be successful. You can't just be a top-level boxer. It's just not going to work anymore.
humble as always. still a nice little stab at James Toney. Really high praise for JDS' hands and i agree with the Frank Mir pick.

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I really want to see Cain fight JDS.... I personally want JDS to win, BUT when it comes to tools, its hard to give the Edge to JDS with the type of ground game we saw from him Thus far....

From what we saw from both these fighters, i would give the slight edge to Cain because of the fact that.

1) Cain has a better chance of winning by keeping JDS down with GnP then JDS has with a KO

2) I give the boxing/striking edge to JDS but Cain also has decent hands and although i think it would be foolish for Cain to strike with JDS, the Odds of Cain landing a shot on JDS arn't as great as JDS being able to take Cain down and control him....

So to me its a question of, CAN JDS get back to his feet when Cain takes him down, and CAN Cain stand with him long enough to either land a good shot, or use that insane pace to take it to the ground over and over and grind out a GnP win...

Its a very close and good match up, and lucky for JDS each round starts on the feet, but i more "Hope" that JDS will win then fully believe....

Its just to hard to vote for a fighter when u think the only way they can win is by KO/TKO.....

Even if the KO artist is as good as JDS...

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I completely agree with everything. im guessing if everything goes to plan and the winner of Carwin/Mir dosent get hurt, the prayers here will be answered and we'll get JDS/Cain for the next shot. i have no clue whats gonna happen in this division, but i can't wait to find out.

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Good interview.
As far as Cain vs JDS...i don't think we will get this fight, unless Mir or Carwin get injured or suspended..or whatever..
I read that Dana doesn't wanna see them fight each other for now.
Would be nice, but, unfortuanelly we don't get the last saying.
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