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Caitlin Sanders is a Fraud

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Martial artists should be aware of a scammer named Caitlin Sanders. She poses as a "professional photographer" for martial artists and athletes. She's a load of BS. Caitlin uses her sex appeal to chat men up and then gets them to pay upfront. She sends pictures that look like they were shot by a kid with a cell phone. I'm pretty sure she targets the martial arts community because most martial artists are men. They're seduced by her good looks.

So people are aware of Caitlin Sanders's criminal record, this is a website:

Again, don't be fooled by Caitlin's sexiness. She's a con artist. Below is a picture of Caitlin Sanders and men can see what she looks like:

Forehead Nose Cheek Lip Chin
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It’s a shame that people think it's an easy and fun thing to make a fool of martial artists. I still can’t believe there are people like that out there
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