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Yushin Okami: Love or Hate?

  • Love Him

    Votes: 27 37.5%
  • Hate Him

    Votes: 4 5.6%
  • Don't Really Care

    Votes: 41 56.9%
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you could say he's the MW division's Jon Fitch
Why? Because both of them tend to win majority of their fights by decision?
Kidding! But no, Okami is more like Dan Hardy of MW: Unknown by casual fans and a bit overhyped by more "hardcore" fans. He will never hold the belt or even be top 3 on his division and the highlight of his career will most likely be getting a title shot then seeing how far from the title he actually is when whoever holds the belt at that moment (prolly Sonnen) schools him.

I would say I still "love" him because even though he has Fitch-like tendency to drag the fights to decision he does have pretty solid skill set and usually puts up pretty good fights. Still a solid MW contender, but just not good enough to break into top 3.
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