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What's up everyone? I got a few interviews today on CFZ radio and a transcript with Hermes Franca up on the site. Bear with me, it was the first time I did the show solo without Seth so I was a little nervous. I talked to Brandon Vera in which he talked about Silva and had some choice words and a response to Tim Sylvia's recent comments in an interview. Also i spoke with Joe Riggs about his upcoming fight with Mike Swick and he gave his thoughts on Swick's standup and answered other questions. Maurice Smith then joined me and we spoke about the IFL, the upcoming TigerShark vs SilverBack matchup at the IFL on June 3rd, and i asked him some questions unrelated to mma, he's a character. :) Lastly there is a transcript of an interview i did with Hermes Franca where he talks about his recent fights, his future, and the UFC. All this now at CombatFighterZone.com. You'll be happy to know the segments are broken up so the shows are not as long. Hopefully the audio is up to par for everyone also. Thanks for listening, I appreciate the support and the feedback guys! Don't forget to send a friend request on myspace to us at CFZ on Myspace! Hope you guys enjoy the interviews, Peace!
-Luis Cruz
-Owner CombatFighterZone.com
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