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Chronicling Of Shine Fights Cancellation

As the reports, opinions, and accusations come in concerning the events surrounding Saturday's last minute cancellation of Shine Fights "Worlds Collide: Mayorga vs. Thomas" event, unbiased eyewitness accounts are at a premium. MMA Spot was on hand for the events prior to, during, and after the demise of what was to be a great show.

Everything was great leading up to the fight. The hotel just prior to the weigh-ins was a happy, almost festive atmosphere. Fighters from different camps chatted with each other, agents made last minute deals, and Dorian Price stood in the middle of the lobby soaking it all in.

The weigh-ins came, starting a little off-schedule, as most weigh-ins do. But the attitude inside the Big Apple restaurant was a good one. The few press members in attendance had time to set up. Main event fighter Din Thomas stood at the door greeting fans and signing autographs as the folks poured into the bar.

Karyn Bryant and Jason Chambers were there, along with Dorian Price and Shine matchmaker Ron Foster. The fighters weighed in one by one, and held their typical face-offs. The only drama coming when Charles "Kid Khaos" Bennett had to be called for several times before making his way to the scale, and the eventual shoving match between Mayorga and Thomas to cap off the event.

Afterwords the fighters mingled with friends and fans, and began their recoveries from the days of dieting and time shedding the last few pounds. It was about that time that the not-so-subtle whispers about Don King, Devin Price, and Mayorga began to increase.

None of the fighters or fans had received word about how the ruling had gone, other than to be told that the hearings were likely going conclude Saturday.

The next morning the hotel housing all of the Shine fighters erupted in hysteria. Broward County (Florida) Justice Marc Gold had just ruled against Shine Fights, stating that Mayorga was under contract with Don King Promotions. Mayorga is in a three-year contract with DKP that was inked last October, so fighting in an MMA event would possibly have been a breach of contract.

With Devin Price in Florida dealing with the proceedings, Dorian Price and Shine matchmaker Ron Foster sequestered and likely forming a plan, anyone with a telephone was on it trying to find out what was truth and what was rumor.

Shine's position as late as 2:00 p.m., was that Mayorga would fight despite any ruling by the court, confirmed to MMA Spot by Dorian Price himself. Many of the fighters were more than concerned at what disobeying the order could do to the event as a whole.

This is a great breakdown of the full chronology of what happened at the Shine Fights Event. Follow the link for the rest of the story, a ton of pics and a video as well.
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