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Give me a HELL YEAH if you just love the show boating arrogant and cocky sportsmen.

Tyson and Floyd probably top the lot of them, but post some of your favorite moments of pure arrogance and " god " like interviews.


This is another great one.

Prior to the Hatton fight ( Ricky Hatton is a Manchester City Fan ) Floyd put on a Manchester United top ( their arch rivals )

hahahaha, I love this sort of stuff. I remember bursting out laughing when seeing it. The man is so cocky but its real entertaining.

Post away with your own videos, of any one, in any sport. During fight ( Prince Naseem ), Post Fight ( Tyson ) or anything....
Christiano Ronaldo Football/Soccer player has to be up there, Naseem Hamed definitely a contender, Michael Schumacher at his peak in F1 motor racing, I might get stick for this but althouh he is great Anderson Silva, the modest martial artist approach seems to be turning more towards arrogance.
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