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Monday, May 10, 2010 - by MMAWeekly.com Staff


Former UFC and Pride fighter Don Frye has been busy facing battles outside of the ring lately. After undergoing two back surgeries recently, Frye thought he was done and on his way to recovery.

That was until further complications arose and he was re-admitted to the hospital this past weekend, according to his media representative Melissa Ingram.

She said he is scheduled to undergo a third surgery Tuesday morning, but again, the diagnosis is good and a full recovery is expected.

Frye will be in the hospital for several days during recovery, but is said to be optimistic and looking forward to resuming his normal activities.

Frye, who officially retired from MMA last year, has still been an omnipresent force around the sport, from commentary duties with promotions like Shark Fights to cornering fighters like Hunter Worsham at the most recent Strikeforce card in Nashville.
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