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Many organizations want to expand into new international markets, I am wondering what are the best candidates for expansion for major MMA organizations outside of the typical United States, Brazil and Japan.

I suspect China is a prime candidate, they have a few notible fighters in Bao Li Gao and Wang Sai as well as having a small MMA promotion (Art of War).

UFC has agressivly Marketed in Great Britain, yet I feel that they can have an even greater presence.
They have several promotions including BAMMA and Cage Rage, as well as many athletes. There is a smaller market which the British promotion has surprisingly exandened into. MMA is quickly growing popular in Ireland.

Mexico is another area in which expansion could be easily obtained, cable feed can potentially spill over into the norhtern provences. There have been several good fighters from Mexico as well as having it's own promotion (Combate Exremo).

With GSP being the Welterweight champion, I am surprised that UFC is not trying to market harder up in Canada. There is the occasional event in Montreal and they only just begun to lobby for regulated fighting in Ontario. UFC has just opened up a Canadian affiliate office.
Canada has Warrior 1, EFC, MFC and King of the Cage. I think that multinationals can easily absorb the readily available talent.

Finnland has it's own promotion, finnfight which currently has a monopoly on the scandanavian countires. Multinationals can collaberate with them and there could be mutual benefit to a partnership.

Another area where marketing should be more agressive as well as aquiring talents is the Netherlands there is a fanbase as well as fighters like Tyrone Sprong and Andy Souwer available. Currently SLAMM, M1 and Showtime are the major promotions.

There is also a sufficent talent pool in poland as well as a fanbase to develop the sport further in that country, there is talent from there such as Mamed Khalidov and Khzryzstov Kulak as well as lesser talents such as Jurkowski, Chmielewski and Pudzianowski.

Two other powers to consider are Germany and France, Germany already has a promotion (Respect FC) as well as being adjacent to Holland and France has several talented fighers in promotions around the world. Estonia, The Philipenes and Korea also have local promotions (Raju, URCC and FMC respectively).

However the fastest developing country that should be capitalized on is Australia, in July the inaugeral event to what is expected to be a major promotion will be held in sydney. This market is one to capitalize on.

What are your thoughts?
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