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Couture History

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Can somebody tell me Randy Couture's history, every match he has fought in, lost, won, or draw?
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In Case the Numbers Didn't Work For You

The link to sherdog is good, but the numbers and types of wins don't mean alot. If you really want to learn about Couture you should watck some of his fights, but here's a quick rundown on his style:
He's a Greco-Roman wrestler and he specializes in hard slams and ground and pound.
At the beginning of his carreer he fought with a strict groundnpound philosophy until he joined the UFC and found that he needed to expand.
He developed a jiu-jitsu backround at first and one a couple of fights with submissions, but for the most part he won but decisions or KO with groundnpound.
Then he took on boxing when he started his series of fights with Chuck Liddell. He was, however, unable to beat Liddell standing up and lost Couture v. Liddell 3 and he retired afterwords.

But why did i mention that, you posted this before UFC 59... That's probably why you were asking.
He's been in a lot of boring matches, has an average record of 14-8, hes actually one of the best light heavyweight UFC fighters of all time. Started fighting in 1997 (around there). He has been in the UFC since that time. Born in 1963, 42 years old, retired at UFC 57 after losing to Liddell. That's all I know about him. If you want to see matches hes been good in check out:

UFC 43: Randy Couture .vs. Chuck Liddell
UFC 49: Randy Couture .vs. Vitor Belfort III
UFC 15: Randy Couture .vs. Vitor Belfort
UFC 13: Randy Couture .vs. Tony Halme
UFC 44: Randy Couture .vs. Tito Ortiz

There's probably a lot of other ones that I can't think of right now.
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