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Dana White, president of the UFC, weighed in on Anderson Silva after his bizarre antics in defending the UFC middleweight title against Demian Maia at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi, labelling it “an embarrassment”.

White even said he may even become the first UFC champion to have his fights put onto the non-televised preliminary match-ups in the future. That’s unlikely, but White showed his disgust by moving from the Octagonside to the back of the outdoor arena in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112.

“I dont know how yet, but I will make this up to the fans,” White told Yahoo.com straight after the contest. No surprise, really. Silva has done this before, at UFC 90 and UFC 97. It happens when he is clearly too good for his title challenger, and with the adrenaline flowing, seems to be unable to go for the finish. Particularly when they are grapplers.

“Believe me, I’ll answer the questions of what a disgrace the main event was,” said White. “To end it the way that we did was an embarrassment for me, the UFC, the Fertittas and the UAE.” This was the first UFC in the United Arab Emirates.

“If you’re that talented, be Mike Tyson. go in there and finish,” said White. “I’m so blown away and disgusted and saddened.”

Silva is no Tyson. Shades of Roy Jones Jnr in his pomp, yes. But he does not have the predatory instinct of ‘Iron Mike’. Nor will he ever have. Different animal. And tonight, he was on a different planet.
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