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reading another forum and ppl talking about him.

i have heard he holds his own wrestling with Cain and this guy is a beast.

he trains boxing with AA aswell now.

this guy is the truth. forget bobby lashley and Rogers.

i know SF is building him up slow, i would really like to see how he would fair with Big Foot or something his wrestling credentials speak for themselves

NCAA runner-up and 5 time United States World Team. He wrestled in the Olympics in 2004, was Olympic team captain in 2008. He won Bronze at the World Championships.

i hear this guy is a beast at AKA. watch out. he KO'd John Devine on the untelevised SF card proving he has some striking along with the sick wrestling.

im intrigued. training with Cain and Arvolski on a weekly basis is only gonna make this beast scarier.

btw his name is Dan Cormier, not Dam, but Dam is he good and DAM i can spell
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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