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So I've heard it used during debate that Dan Henderson was suffering a back problem during the fight.....

Where did this rumor stem from? Apparantly the announcer "Gus Johnson" said it during the fight....

I watched the fight again and listened to every word the announcers said...

at 3:16 during round 4 the announcer says.... "he told us he's been having back problems for years"

That's it.

So he apparantly had these problems when he KOed Bisbing, defeated Franklin and sprawl and brawled Rousimar Palhares...

Back problems for years... nothing more, nothing less..

Jake Shields was not fighting an injured Dan Henderson.

If I'm wrong please show me how an argument that Dan Henderson was fighting injured is justified.

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At approx 6:40.

He just didn't look himself in that fight. It was like he completely gassed after the 1st round. Just stood there trying to land the right and wouldn't scramble/sprawl and didn't have the strength to get from underneath Shields(while smaller weaker wrestlers like Miller, Daley, and others have been able to do so).

Either Shields improved a lot and exposed a weakness in Hendo's game (which I think is true in some regards) or Hendo wasn't 100%. I think it was a mixture of both.
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