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When UFC president Dana White first announced that Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell would serve as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 11 -- then complete their trilogy at the conclusion of the season -- even the modern day Don King didn't appear too ecstatic about it.

Now that Ortiz's recent neck surgery has been brought to light, White said he would still be open to promoting a Liddell vs. Ortiz III -- if "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy's" heath improves.

"As long as the doctors say he's safe to fight and he's healthy enough to fight. They do amazing things these days," White stated following UFC 114. "It could be possible."

On last Wednesday's TUF 11 episode, Ortiz talked to his team about the neck injury that would most likely require surgery. Towards the end of the show, White pulled Liddell into an office and told him that Ortiz was out of their fight.

The normally cool-headed "Iceman" quickly became infuriated that he wouldn't get a chance to knock Tito's block off after putting up with his shenanigans for several months.

Ortiz posted an explicit video last week showing his surgery, but it's unclear when he will be cleared for a return to the Octagon.

White and Ortiz are aiming for a late autumn comeback.

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The only question is - 'Why?'

Might as well watch either one of their two previous fights to see how that'll pan out.
The only reason I would want to see this now is that I think Tito got a lot of unfair criticism about his neck injury. Now that it has been proven that it wasn't a phantom injury I think he deserves the chance to vindicate himself. I am no Tito fan boy, but I think he has a better chance now against Chuck than the last two times. As for it going the same way, Rampage got dusted by Wanderlei Silva twice, but we all know how the 3rd fight went. Regardless of Tito's life outside the ring, he seemed like a pretty genuine guy when it came to coaching. I guess Tito vs Chuck will really depend on the Franklin fight, which I think Chuck will lose.
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