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For Vale Tudo & Submission Wrestling

Not all wrestling works in the octagon. After teaching to scores of martial artists from: Jiu Jitsu, Lute Livre, Muay Thai, to boxers. I have learned that what does work is what I like to call the 7-9-5's of Wrestling.

The 7-9-5's of wresting are:

7 basic wrestling control points

9 most basic takedowns used in collegiate and Oympic wrestling. The nine defenses against these takedowns

5 basic takedowns that have been proven to to be most effective in no-holds-barred-fighting. The best 5 defenses against these takedowns.

I've taught wrestling at two major Division One Universities: Drake University and the University of Minnesota. I've also taught wrestling to many top No-Holds-Barred fighters: Top Team's Ze Mario Sperry, Murilo Bustamante, Minotauro and many of their up and coming stars. All of them have greatly improved the effectiveness of their wrestling.

I've fought in and have studied enough no-holds-barred fighting and grappling to know what works and what doesn't work. Like I said, what doesn't work is traditional freestyle, Greco-Roman, Collegiate Wrestling. What does work, are the techniques that you are about to learn on these DVD's

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