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Derrick Lewis' Most Liked Instagram Posts in 2018

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The numbers are ridiculous. Thank Volkov and Cormier for that.

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Did he seriously do that with a rattlesnake? The man is crazier then I thought he was.
Did he seriously do that with a rattlesnake? The man is crazier then I thought he was.
He really is a savage.
Or just straight up crazy, lol
Yeah either way he's very interesting.
He's got a whole bunch of random stuff on there. But overall he's trying to make the world a positive place.
Yeah he's very much the definition of an average Joe.
I also love to follow his posts
Yeah and of course he's hilarious with comments like "My balls is hot" and "Where's Ronda Rousy's fine as at?".
Yeah, the numbers are insane, but so is Derrick Lewis. I love this dude. His stories are hilarious. My wife and I literally come home from work and watch him while dining. If you're not following him, you're missing out. If you want to laugh until you die, you must take my advice and follow him immediately. By the way, my wife and I are managing a meme page on Instagram, and we would appreciate it if you could spam us with some likes at @meme.lord. If not, we'll just carry on and use the services provided by Buy High-Quality Followers, Likes & Views - SocialBoosting.com. But I'm counting on you, guys!
Yeah the guy is a bright spot.
This guy is just crazy. I don't understand how he has the guts to do this to a giant snake. Well, of course, it's no surprise that this guy has become a celebrity on the Internet, and his posts are gaining millions of views. This is interesting content, and people are interested in watching it. This is much better and more interesting than the stupid tutorials of some bloggers. It is difficult to stand out next to such content. Because of uninteresting content, many bloggers have to buy views on Instagram and beyond. I certainly don't see anything wrong with that, as everyone is moving forward as best they can and can. It's better than giving up and doing nothing at all. ___
Yeah it takes time for them to accumulate.
Well the man is certainly a standout.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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