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Ok. First of all, I'm only 15 and I haven't really done anything this whole year because I was home-schooled but I'm still in decent shape because I used to do a lot of sports. I also go to the gym every once in a while.

I looked into martial arts, mainly MMA and got motiviated into doing it, because I love working out and stuff. My MMA trainer gave me some schedule and it's like this

Monday - Kickboxing 1 and half hour. (it's different each week)
Wednesday - MMA 1 hour then right after that brazilian jiu jitsu for a hour and half.
Friday - same as wednesday

He told me they mainly do stances fighting up in the MMA classes which is why they have a jiu jitsu class right after that. I'm a very quick learner, I was wondering if I'm trying to do to much? That's 5-6 classes a week, and I don't mean physically. I mean learning the forms and stuff.
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