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Don "The Predator" Frye was born on November 23, 1965 and lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Frye stands 6'1 and weights 210lbs and uses wrestling as his fighting style. Frye won 2 eight man tournaments in the UFC and started wrestling at Arizona State University, then transfered to Oklahoma State University. Don Frye has a record of 16-5-1.

Fighting History:
Win-Yoshihisa Yamamoto Submission K-1-Hero's 6 8/5/2006
Draw-Ruben Villareal Draw KOTC-Predator 5/13/2006
Win-Chad Rowan Submission K-1-Hero's 5 5/3/2006
Loss-Yoshihiro Nakao Decision K-1-Premium 2004 Dynamite 12/31/2004
NC-Yoshihiro Nakao Accidental Headbutt K-1 MMA-ROMANEX 5/22/2004
Loss-Gary Goodridge KO PRIDE-Shockwave 2003 12/31/2003
Loss-Mark Coleman Decision PRIDE 26-Bad to the Bone 6/8/2003
Loss-Hidehiko Yoshida Submission PRIDE 23-Championship Chaos 2 11/24/2002
Win-Yoshihiro Takayama TKO PRIDE 21-Demolition 6/23/2002
Win-Ken Shamrock Decision PRIDE 19-Bad Blood 2/24/2002
Win-Cyril Abidi Submission Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2001-K-1 vs. Inoki 12/31/2001 Win-Gilbert Yvel DQ PRIDE 16-Beasts From The East 9/24/2001
Win-David Abbott Submission UU 96-Ultimate Ultimate 1996 12/7/1996
Win-Mark Hall Submission UU 96-Ultimate Ultimate 1996 12/7/1996
Win-Gary Goodridge Submission UU 96-Ultimate Ultimate 1996 12/7/1996
Win-Mark Hall Submission U-Japan 11/17/1996
Loss-Mark Coleman TKO UFC 10-The Tournament 7/12/1996
Win-Brian Johnston Submission UFC 10-The Tournament 7/12/1996
Win-Mark Hall TKO UFC 10-The Tournament 7/12/1996
Win-Amaury Bitetti TKO UFC 9-Motor City Madness 5/17/1996
Win-Gary Goodridge Submission UFC 8-David vs. Goliath 2/16/1996
Win-Sam Adkins TKO UFC 8-David vs. Goliath 2/16/1996
Win-Thomas Ramirez KO UFC 8-David vs. Goliath 2/16/1996

-He met Dan Severn in college at Arizona State University
-He transfered to Oklahoma State University and his teammate was Randy Couture.
-Acted in the 50th Anniversary film of Godzilla in Japan.

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frye has got to be one of the most hard headed fighter's ever. I don't think i've seen a guy take a better punch. the odd guy has rocked him but par for par he has a good chin. Also has great striking and wrestling ability one of my favorite fighter's.

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I think his fight with Shamrock was one of the best fights EVER.

You can tell by the end of the last round, that it is ONLY PURE HEART that is there. Their bodies were dead. And unlike Toto Ortiz, Don and Ken became chill after that and even went to see the american armed forces along with the Natural.

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Hell yea the Frye v. Shamrock fight is like what UFC was like in the beginning I would love to see a second fight between the two. But the hatred would have to be there for that kind of determination from both to come out. BUt both had alot of heart. Frye won but We all won from seeing that.
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