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Osawa wins by way of split decision, nice one kantowrestler.

lame play by play:

Round 1: Osawa landing leg kicks at will on the southpaw Maeda early. Maeda finally connects with a solid combination but then catches Osawa with a kick to the cup. They restart and Maeda begins to get inside on Osawa, landing knees from the clinch and a few hard left hooks. It's rock'em sock'em robots as both fighters bang away, until Osawa clips Maeda and Maeda shoots in. They clinch against the cage with a minute left. Maeda can't complete the takedown, but does throw some good knees with Osawa pinned to the tuna net. Maeda finally tosses Osawa to the mat as the bell rings.

Round 2: Maeda spends the bulk of the round working for a takedown, but Osawa defends well. Maeda still getting inside and popping Osawa, but Osawa's now retaliating with stiff rights.

Round 3: Osawa goes on the offensive, chasing Maeda down with punches and kicks. Nice kick to the body from Maeda sends Osawa looking for the takedown. After some more clinchwork against the netting, Osawa getting the better of the striking in the final minute of the bout.

Kenji Osawa (16-9-2) def. Yoshiro Maeda (26-9-2) via split decision

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