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JZ by SD:

Round 1 – Kikuno lands an uppercut to start the fight. JZ throws a front kick that does not land. Kikuno lands a nice jumping knee. JZ presses forward and tries to bully Kikuno into the corner, but Kikuno reverses the position. The referee breaks the fighters. Another hard knee to the guy lands for Kikuno. They clinch again and Kikuno is able to secure a body lock. JZ bull rushes Kikuno and secures a takedown. Kikuno is able to scramble back to his feet almost immediately. Front kick from JZ and then a hard leg kick. Kikuno lands a hard kick to the body and then another one. A hook lands for Kikuno. JZ tries for a takedown, but eats knee for his trouble. He rushes Kikuno and the Japanese fighter pulls guard. JZ passes into half guard with ease. From the position he lands a few shots to the body before trying for the mount. In the scramble, Kikuno gets back to his feet. JZ’s takedown was stuffed easily, but he did land a knee. Kikuno comes back with a clinch knee of his own. The referee breaks the fighters. A good hook lands for JZ and he starts a clinch. Kikuno trips the leg and takes the top position as the referee moves the fighters to the center. JS pulls rubber guard, but he lets it go. Kikuno tries to work on top, but lands nothing big. JS pushes Kikuno away and gets back to his feet. Front kick to the body lands for Kikuno. The fighters clinch with one minute left in the first. Kikuno lands another body kick. He then lands a few punches and clinches as the round ends.

Round 2 – JZ lands a counter left to start the round. A body kick lands for Kikuno, but JZ catches it and scores the takedown into half guard. JZ then moves into the mount position. Kikuno tries to buck, but JZ is stuck in position. Kikuno gives up his back and JZ goes for the rear naked choke with a palm-to-palm grip. He switches his legs to a body triangle. Kikuno escapes the hold. Kikuno tries to stand and shake off JZ, but the American Top Team fighter is able to keep the position and regain the body triangle. JZ tries to strike and nearly falls off the back. Kikuno escapes out the back door as the bell sounds.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Gesias Cavalcante wins by split decision
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