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Nakamura by decision!

Round 1: Amoussou attacking with leg kicks early, Nakamura not offering much retaliation. Nakamura shoots a single leg from way out but drags Amoussou down and into guard. Amoussou controlling Nakamura's arms well from his back, though a few shots get through. Amoussou threatens a sweep but Nakamura maintains and stands in guard. Amoussou tumbles and escapes, now standing in front of Nakamura throwing uppercuts. Amoussou presses the judoka into the corner and tries to drag him down, but Nakamura ends up back in guard with six minutes left in the frame. Nakamura again stands in Amoussou's guard but doesn't throw. Nakamura back to guard, and he repeats the sequence a few more times. Nakamura is connecting with increasing frequency in the middle part of the round as he swings away from guard. The referee finally stands them up with 90 seconds left and issues Amoussou a yellow card. Alright. Back to the feet, Amoussou rushes in with a combo and eats a right hand. Another right from Nakamura. Amoussou with a flying knee in the waning seconds of the round.

Round 2: Amoussou throwing hands and flying knees to start the round, but Nakamura soon shoots another single and, despite Amoussou grabbing for the ropes, scores the takedown. Nakamura nearly falls into a triangle as he attempts to stack Amoussou up, but he escapes back to guard. Solid left hands from Nakamura from Amoussou's open guard with two minutes left. Amoussou grabs for the right leg of Nakamura, who spins out and repays the favor with a left hand as he dives back into guard. Referee decides to bring the fighters to their feet with a minute left and issues Nakamura a yellow card. Nakamura digs nice left to the body and gets another takedown, where they end the match, appropriately.

Bloody Elbow sees the bout for Kazuhiro Nakamura

Kazuhiro Nakamura (15-10) def. Karl "Psycho" Amoussou (11-3-2) via unanimous decision
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