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Fairly late 1st round submission by Omigawa:

Round 1 – Both fighters swing wild and do not land. Jong goes for a double leg, but it is easily stuffed. A hard chopping leg kick lands for Omigawa. Jong throws a full combination, but does not gauge the distance properly. Omigawa lands a hard straight shot and floors Jong. Omigawa wades in with strikes, but Jong gets to full guard. Omigawa passes to half guard and locks in a guillotine choke. He passes out of the half guard and sinks to the bottom to lock in the choke. Jong scrambles back to his feet, while Omigawa still holds the head. Now, Omigawa lands knees from the front headlock position. Jong pulls his opponent in a butterfly guard. Omigawa starts to let go with some strikes and Jong locks in an armbard, but Omigawa escapes. The referee brings the fighters back to their feet and Jong receives a yellow card. Omigawa lands a pair of nice left hands. Omigawa wades forward with lefts and rights. He lands a fair share and Jong drops to his guard to avoid the shots. After standing over his opponent, Omigawa passes up the middle to half guard. He moves to the mount position with a guillotine choke and forces the submission
OFFICIAL RESULT Michihiro Omigawa wins by submission (guillotine choke)
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