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I am wondering what your dream card would look like. My idea is (it is far from a supercard). My idea is for the prelims is to start a quest for the top take the top 10 fighters in the division (according to the most credible source available) and place 10 and 9 against each other with the winner fighting 8 and then the winner of that fights 7 and so on until #1 is reached.

For the main card, have an ultimate unification, merge strikeforce and UFC together, I will use who I EXPECT to be champion at that point.


LW QftT: #10 Pellgreno vs. #9 Stevenson (winner fights #8 Sherk)
WW QftT: #10 Sanchez vs. #9 Serra (winner fights #8 Hughes)
MW QftT: #10 Munoz vs. #9 Bisping (winner fights #8 Akiyama)
LHW QftT: #10 Bader vs. #9 Jones (winner fights #8 Couture)
HW QftT: #10 Filipovic vs. #9 Nelson (winner fights #8 Congo)

Main Card:

LW Ultimate Unifacation: Alveraz (SF) vs. Edgar (UFC)
WW Ultamite Unifacation: Diaz (SF) vs. St. Pierre (UFC)
MW Ultimate Unifacation: Silva (UFC) vs. Shields (SF)
LHW Ultimate Unifacation: Rua (UFC) vs. Lawal (SF)
HW Ultimate Unifacation: Carwin (UFC) vs. Emelianenko (WAMMA)

Bold = Expected winners

And with if my expected winners are correct my next card would be:


LW QftT: #9 Stevenson vs. #8 Sherk (winner fights #7 Miller)
WW QftT: #10 Sanchez vs. #8 Hughes (winner fights #7 Daley)
MW QftT: #9 Bisping vs. #8 Akimaya (winner fights #7 W. Silva)
LHW QftT: #9 Jones vs. #8 Couture (winner fights #7 T. Silva)
HW QftT: #10 Filipovic vs. #8 Congo (winner fights #7 Gonzaga)

Main Card:

LW UU: Alverez (SF/UFC) vs. Aoki (DREAM)
WW UU: St. Pierre (UFC/SF) vs. Zaromskis (DREAM)
MW UU: A. Silva (UFC/SF) vs. Lombard (Bellator)
LHW UU: Rua (UFC/SF) vs. Kawamura (Pancrase)
HW UU: Emilienko (UFC/WAMMA) vs. Overseem (SF)

I think in this card the could be some surprises. I have high hopes for some, but stranger things have happened.

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Styles make matches so i don't think all these cards with "superfights" on them are actually the best cards. I mean i wanna see GSP/Anderson, Brock/Fedor etc but don't think their styles neccaserily make them the best potential fights out there.

From the UFC roster:
(result predicition in brackets)


Bader V Thiago Silva (Silva UD)
George Sotiropoulos V Kenny Florian (Sotiropoulos SUB)
John Hathaway V Dan Hardy (Hathaway SD)
Roy Nelson V Cro-Cop (Nelson UD)
Koscheck V Alves (Koscheck UD)

Main Card:

Belfort V Wanderlei II (Belfort TKO)
JDS V Velasquez (Velasquez TKO)
Machida V Shogun III (Shogun UD)
Anderson Silva V Jon Jones (Silva SD)
Brock V Carwin (Brock TKO)

Never gonna happen but i think there are a lot of interesting fights there

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tyson griffin vs. diego sanchez(he should move back down)
anthony johnson vs. thiago alves
yoshihiro akiyama vs. michael bisping
krystof soszninski vs. ryan bader
frank mir vs. cro cop

Edgar vs penn II
GSP vs Anderson Silva
Vitor vs. rampage
Shogun vs. bones jones
JDS vs velaquez

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UFC HW Title : Lesnar (c) v Fedor
UFC MW Title : Anderson Silva (c) v Belfort
UFC LHW Title: Shogun (c) v Mousasi
UFC WW Title : GSP (c) v Shields
UFC LW Title : BJ Penn (c) v Melendez

Now, I'm not a crazy fan of all these fighters, however the hype around them would be insane IMO.

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my bad, I must have been reading a faulty source.
It's cool but can you change the last line on your sig? I agree with the first two and while I somewhat think the 3rd could happen, I'm just too much on the Iceman's nads that I can't even fathom the idea of it happening...I would really appreciate it :thumb02::thumb02:
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